This year’s theme is….

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Every single one of us has Stories to Share, and when we share these with others, we create new experiences for those listening to us, learning from us. We create Stories to Live passionate, strong, lives, and to understand each and every one of our own lives.

Each day of Camp, think about the following elements of a stories,  how they fit into your own camp experience, and how they help you tell your own stories every day:


Monday: Characters & Introductions

Tuesday: Myths & Legends

Wednesday: The Spoken Word

Thursday: Biography/Autobiography & Nonfiction and news

Friday: Ghost Stories & Mysteries

Saturday: Adventure (The Adventure Begins)

Sunday: Weekend (A Day in Wonderland)



Monday: Once upon a time…

Tuesday: Fairy Tales

Wednesday: History

Thursday: Comic / Comedy / Funny Story

Friday: …happily ever after